15th March Study Group: Helen Dundo

Helen Dundo will demonstrate how she throws her quirky animals on the wheel.
Venue is the ECU ceramic Studio at 7pm
Cost $5
This includes light refreshments and a ticket in the raffle.

Helen's demonstration raised many smiles as she revealed the techniques she uses for her whimsical horses, camels, emus and giraffes. These are based on a squat bottle shape, the stem of the bottle being grooved to become, when the bottle is turned upside down, the legs of the creature, bashfully close together. A coil is modelled on to give weight and substance to the feet. We then have a rounded body to which a spout-like neck is attached. This will be bent to a suitable curve for an emu, or of course elongated for a giraffe, and is then finished off with a modelled head, with open mouth and cheerful grinning teeth. The faithful garlic crusher extrudes tufts of coils to form a mane where appropriate. One lesson Helen said she had learned while developing her creatures was not to try to be too neat, as this can destroy the liveliness she is after

Article and Images below by J K Watt

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