Making Underglaze Crayons

These underglaze crayons can be used to draw on greenware or bisqueware.
The work can then be glaze-fired normally.


White Firing Ball Clay 50%
Potash Feldspar 25%
Flint (Quartz) 25%
Bentonite 5%
Colourant 15%
(Iron Oxide, Copper Carbonate, Cobalt Oxide/Cobalt Carbonate or any underglaze colourant).

1. Mix the ingredients with the desired colours and dry
sieve the powder through an 80 mesh.
2. Weigh the ingredients and then measure out 45%
of that weight in water.
3. For every 100 gm (4 ounces) of powder, mix in a
teaspoon of sodium silicate to the water.
4. Add the water to the powder and mix thoroughly.
5. Roll into a pencil shapes.
6. After drying, fire the pencils/crayons to 800 -900*C

1.Be sure to wear a mask and gloves
2.Experiment with different colour percentages.
3.Try making pencils of different sizes, for different drawing requirement

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