Stewart Scambler Exhibition: Parched

Australia is a dry land
I am interested in the land , its stillness and the growth of identity.

Stand alone in the desert or forest and the grand vastness can engender an awareness of individual insignificance. Still, it’s the platform on which we carry out the rituals of our lives, giving a sense of place (country) in a physical not political way. More than a stage that we might own, the land owns us , recording in its form and being, traces of our existence across a time frame that stretches beyond human existence.
Traditional views of Australian identity seem framed around the dry land farmer-lean, laconic, tough resourceful and generous. The land is drying and we crowd more and more into the wet fringes of the continent where life is softer with different challenges . What does this mean for our identity?
I have produced these objects whilst pondering notions of identity and belonging within the land. Author Stewart Scambler

Title Parched-Australia is a dry land

The Exhibition will be opened by John Teschendorf
8th August-20 September

Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty St Fremantle

Ph 94329555 for rsvp

Flood Plain

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