Sunshine Coast Spring Festival 2013

The Sunshine Coast Spring Festival is not unlike our POTober. A gathering of like-minded potters from all over the eastern states in a lovely location in Maroochydore in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast about 100 kms north of Brisbane.
Having attended this event I now believe that this event should be, like Gulgong on every potters bucket list. It really was great, well organised, well attended and well received.
The local potters could not have been friendlier, the demonstrators freer with information and the weather really great.
The event was all held in the Alexander Beach Conference Centre, a venue owned by the Uniting Church, so there were restrictions on the consumption of alcohol (shame). The centre is set in a large area of bush land in the centre of Marloolabar and accommodation is in chalets set around the grounds. Couples had a self-contained chalet, single people shared. Meals were served in a central dining room, plain but more than adequate, morning and afternoon tea with bickies and cakes, tea and coffee available all day.
The demonstrators were in a large hall and you wandered around looking at who ever took your interest. Our own Greg Crowe gave a demonstration of his thrown and cut pots, Graham Hay demonstrated his skills with paper clay, Royce McGlashen from New Zealand demonstrated his style, Matsuo Shoge from NSW amazed us with his large coil built works. Lana Wilson USA demonstrated hand build works that belied their simplicity, Maryke Henderson NSW gave a short demo of her hand building. There were several other potters who also gave short demos of their work.
My wife, a non-potter, was most impressed with the hand builders and now wants to take up pottery. This will be okay as I can now charge her firing fees and rent for studio space (joke).
The demonstrators worked for two and a half days. Walker Ceramics supported the event in a big way with a large display of clay bodies and other products. Some bodies I had never seen before. Lots of give a ways and samples. Shame about luggage restrictions on the flight home although I did buy some handmade tools.
On Sunday evening we had a BBQ at Jackie Gasson's and what a home and collection of pots she has. On Monday we did a bus tour to local potteries, some located in amazing locations We flew home on Tuesday.
I must say Jackie Gasson and her committee did a marvelous job in organizing this weekend, their tenth. Should the opportunity arise I would encourage anyone to go.

Bob Quin

Images Bob and Ros Quin

Greg Crowe WA
Royce McGlashen NZ

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